Re: [HIG] Getting recommendations back to developers

On 15Aug2001 06:26PM (+0100), Calum Benson wrote:
> Adam Elman wrote:
> > My gut instinct is that bugzilla really is the right way to handle
> > these kinds of issues.
> Hmm... perhaps, then, some sort of "usability team" bugzilla account
> might be useful, so that app maintainers can see which bugs have been
> entered by the team (and possibly take them more seriously as a
> result!), and the team can track the bugs that they've entered more
> easily?  Maybe not, just a thought.

I think it's better for bugs to be filed by individuals. That way it's
easy to find the person who filed the bug and talk to him or her
directly. If you want to mention the usability team, do so in the body
of the bug somewhere [e.g. "The usability team discussed this and we
think it is a problem because of foo (see page 42 of the GNOME Human
Interface Guidelines). We think a good solution would be bar."]

 - Maciej

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