Re: [HIG] Getting recommendations back to developers

On 15Aug2001 04:44PM (+0100), Calum Benson wrote:
> I know this is a wider-than-HIG issue, but maybe it's a good place to
> start.  How do we intend to get usability suggestions (such as fixes to
> correct breaches of our guidelines) back to app maintainers?  Havoc's
> RFP process was suggested as one possibility, and that may be valid for
> larger changes.  
> However, the documentation team here have just mentioned to me that they
> often come across inconsistent terminology and suchlike in apps that
> needs fixing, and the RFP process sounds like it would be overkill for
> those sorts of things.  Equally, if they go into bugzilla as "usability"
> bugs, they could be all-too-easily ignored without the unspoken menace
> of the GNOME Usability Team behind them  :o)
> Any suggestions?

I think filing bug reports is a good first step. Bringing them to the
attention of the maintainer or a sympathetic programmer who can write
up a patch can help expedite things.

Suggestion for filing usability bug reports:

* Make the title of the bug report describe the problem, not the
solution (For instance "There is no way to save a file using the
keyboard" instead of "Ctrl+S should save the file").

* In the body, explain why this is a problem.

* Ideally, suggest one or more proposed solutions.

* If you are a programmer or can get one to help you, it can be even
more persuasive to include a patch implementing one of the solutions.



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