Re: [guadec-list] Draft Talk Schedule

Apologies - I finally was able to get my ticket, but I'm not arriving until late on the 26th. Can you swap me with someone else so I speak on a later day? It's really an awesome time slot though, so I'm sorry I can't make it.


On 2014-07-06 07:22, Fabiana Simões wrote:
Hey hey --

I just published the schedule at

If you find any errors and have an account on, feel free to
edit the page from the WordPress editor :)


On 4 July 2014 17:37, Allan Day <allanpday gmail com> wrote:
Marina Zhurakhinskaya <marinazik gmail com> wrote:
... Could you please
schedule the interns' lightning talks session until 18:30?


I would like to host a newcomers workshop on the first day of the
conference ... Is there a third room that can
be used for such a workshop? In that case, I'd like to propose doing
it as a third option 13:30-15:15 on Saturday.

I'll wait for word from Alexandre before scheduling that.

Another concern I have is that both "Documents and Photos: a content
application update" and "Corebird: A Twitter's client's open source
journey through GNOME land" are good talks for new application

I've rearranged so those talks don't clash.

Thanks for the suggestions, Marina.

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