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On 02/09/2012 08:21 PM, Joaquim Rocha wrote:
Well, I think that as a GNOME user and developer, the important thing is
how far outside the comfort zone we're talking about :)

Stuff that some part of the GNOME community is interested in, and which we'd like a substantial part of the community to care more about.

Think of the keynotes I mentioned:

Luis Villa, integrating web services & desktop
Danny O'Brien, the importance of crypto on the desktop
Claire Rowland, service design
Thomas Thwaites, building cool stuff
Kathy Sierra, focusing on user experience
Walter Bender, free software in education

And so on.

In general, I've tried to go outside the GNOME community, but not so far outside the community that we end up with disgruntled people (although sometimes some speakers get added against my better judgement and they can be both surprisingly good, or surprisingly not good - I have some examples in mind, but I'll keep them to myself). And I think that tactic works well.


Dave Neary
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