Re: [guadec-list] Guadec Planning Meeting Notes - 3rd March 2007

I wanted to put my comments on materials.

> Materials
> ---------
> Preliminary costs
>      * Bags - �6.65 ( for runs of more than 250)
>            o Will be getting a samples to test
>            o Do we even need a bag? It was decided that if possible we
>            may not want to include a bag as part of the attendee items.
Last year, I remember people were not happy enough with bags. Even
though they were hand made, and cleverly having only GNOME logo as a
visible item w/o any sponsor logos on the outside :), they were
expensive and to be honest I've never used my bag elsewhere, yet.

I'd recommend medium sized shinny plastic bags (especially reusable
plastic to make green people happy) with a GNOME Logo on it. Even
thousands of them would cost relatively less, moreover left over bags
can be used at booths to put some stuff in them as a give away. 

I'm talking about something like those:

Also, I should mention that a bag for inserts was *really* helpful, else
it would be total mess to deal with all those inserts. 

>      * Polo shirts - �10
>      * T-shits:
>            o �4.23 - one colour print
>            o �5 - 4 colour print
Polo shirts would be better, granted that they are more expensive.
That's because they are more fashionable (of course my own opinion)
which means people will more likely to wear them. 

Also did you check this company:

They seems like not that expensive at all for even polo t-shirts. 

>      * Will only be giving one t-shirt away free this year (the Guadec
>        t-shirt with sponsor logos)
>      * Possibility to sell other GNOME t-shirts
>      * Further ideas were discussed, and we will get quotes for:
>            o Stickers - sheet of different stickers would be nice
>            o Badges - approximately 20p each
>            o Lanyards - about �1 each)
>            o Badge holders - about 30p each
For these maybe last year's figures should be checked as well. I don't
know on top of my head about the prices but considering UK as an
expensive country, it's possible to order companies from last year if
they were cheaper. Buying from UK or Spain would not change anything
about tax specific issues as both UK and Spain is in EU. 

>      * Mugs  are �1.50 for 1 colour, and �2.40 for 4 colour
>      * Custom USB drives are about �11 with a 4 colour print
I would really be more excited if I get better non-techy items (like
bags or t-shirts) instead of USB stick. IMHO, a shinny printed GNOME
mini-dvd would do for digital content (and of course would a log more

If you decided to go with USB stick, it's better to have them capacity
of 1-2 GB storage, else not much people would use them even though they
have GNOME prints on them. 

>      * GNOME Beer mugs?!
Won't be usable for some time to participants younger than 18, or 21
(US). If any though. But for me, it would be cool!

>      * We would definitely like to include stickers, badges and usb
>        sticks as attendee items.
>      * A budget of no more than �20 per person was agreed.
> Print
>      * We will need to produce:
>            o A programme
>            o Attendee badges

Last year's design was really good and usable at most. 

>            o Booklet/Brochures
>            o Banners (for main stage, and if possible something to attach
>            to railings or signs for outside).
> Community
> ---------
>      * Various things we could get members of the community involved in:
>            o Website - could still do with some help to clean up various
>              parts of the website
I can help for the web site. I'm not a graphic designer but last year I
helped for schedule part of the web page. This year I think I can put
more effort for other parts as well. 

>            o Graphic Design (badges, t-shirts, programme, badges, etc)
>            o Promotion (putting up posters in universities, talking to
>              local lugs)
>      * We will need more volunteers for the events as stewards and other
>        helpers.

Last year, some volunteers were there for University credits. I don't
know the system at all (I guess someone from Spain can explain it), but
maybe something similar exists in UK universities? Advertising this,
students from different disciplines may also participate as volunteers.

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