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On Fri, 2006-05-12 at 11:29 +0330, Sara Khalatbari wrote:
> - Sponsor's  List & ads
> How should we contact them? Can I contact them directly for ads? 

Mmmm... I better do that since I'm sure they appreciate to have a single
contact or almost. I need to send them an email today about different
topics and I will include this point and your email address for more
details. However, we need to tell them the size of the ads... 

>  - A short history of GUADEC & then a foreword for this GUADEC,
> describing what's new 
> Is anyone interested to write a nice foreword? Lucas Rocha, are you?
> Shaun McCance? 
> - A few words from the conference coordinator

As suggested in my previous email, the foreword of the conference
coordinator can include the novelties. The history of GUADEC can go on
an article at the end of the program. If it's too short then maybe is
better to have nothing, IMO. I mean, 1 page with 1 picture would be

>  ( Brief forewords from the Generalitat, the Council of Vilanova, the
> Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and the GNOME Foundation ) 
> Where can we get this information from? English translation of their
> site?

I'll request adding you in the CC, from that point you chase if needed.
They should provide English texts.

> - The schedule including: Warm up,  Core, After Hours, Sessions
> Is it fixed? Can Behnam start working on graphical editions?

Behnam can start working on everything, he doesn't need to wait until
the content is finished. 

The Core schedule is almost done, just a couple of small details

Josep is working right now on WUW, although we don't know anything about

AHW... Behdad, can you give a hand? Anyway, it will be done by next

> - List of professional participants (really necessary?)
> Can I have the list of all participants?

You only need to sort out the professionals. I will give you access to
the list.

> - Basic list of addresses and phone numbers -> the ones you might
> need ...
> Where from can I get this information?

Make the list and then we will send them to the Vilanova people to put
phones on it.

> - A brief and basic English - Catalan - Spanish - (other?) 
> If we decide to include this item, I can find pages of necessary
> English - Spanish words/sentences & then I'll need help for the
> Catalan part  

If this is needed, can't we just have one dictionary instead of two?

>  - Horoscope
> If this should be included, I will provide some material.

Do we need this? Do we need sudoku? (it was a joke)  Maybe if they would
be on-topic, but it is work: crosswords, letter soup, find the 8
differences between a 2.14 and a 2.4 desktop...  ;)

Quim Gil /// |

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