Re: [guadec-list] Online registration - alpha

This is starting to become functional:

You can select one of the three registration profiles and calculate your
fee registration, either for individuals and groups, considering
accommodation, meals, discounts...

What needs to be done:

- Content revision + some texts still missing (Devin + qgil + you)
- Drupal integration (user details and layout) (Devin + tavon)
- PayPal integration (Devin) 
- $USD calculation for US transfers. (Devin)
- Identification code generation for bank transfers and on-site payments
- Email sent with the results of the registration (Devin)
- Alternative accommodation info page for those booking themselves.
- Testing (everybody)

IMPORTANT: Does the GUADEC registration have VAT? If it has, which % and
should it be added to the 30€ / 150€ or is this the total amount
including VAT?

Devin plans to finish the work today (Monday). In the meantime, please
test and send your opinions to the list. The weekly meeting will be
focused on testing and polishing the registration tool, hopefully. 

Once it's done we release the new tavon could not make it
today, if he can't solve the 2 critical bugs he has we will release
anyways since we need to open the registration and we can't give
temporary URLs with a "beta" inside when payments are involved etc.

Quim Gil /// |

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