[guadec-list] Accommodation - final resolution

After talking last Friday with the camping and considering everything
said in this list:

- The registration includes the possibility to book accommodation in the
GNOME Village until April 23rd. After this date people wanting to join
the GNOME Village will need to deal directly with Vilanova Park. They
will get a discount as GUADEC participants, but nobody guarantees the
availability of bungalows after this date (probably the better ones will
be fully booked soon, remaining for some weeks more the not so cool).

- This book accommodation integrated in the registration is for
individuals sharing a bungalow between 4 people or groups getting whole
bungalows, during 8 nights,from June 23rd to July 1st. People wanting
other combinations, days or alternative accommodation elsewhere will
need to find themselves through the accommodation info page to be

- Only GNOME Foundation members will have the chance to book
accommodation and pay on-site, and still we recommend this option as a
last resort. The rest of participants will need to pay in advance.

- Vilanova Park has blocked the reservation of bungalows for about 500
people until April 24th, waiting for our group reservation. They expect
from us a list of bungalows with names and the payment of a reservation
of 30%-50% of the total. They want to have someone speaking on behalf
the group (myself + 1/2 more people during the GUADEC days). They also
ask for a contact in every bungalow, as they do with their regular

- Vilanova Park will deal directly with the participants about any
requests and with new bookings, as they do with all the clients. 

- The discount we have got from the official prices are: counting 7
nights instead of 8 and applying a 20% discount. They also provide for
free 2-3 bungalows (depending of the final size of the group) "for the
organization staff". For the GUADEC committee this means that we are
saving about 2.000€ for these 3 bungalows.

- About the people that will have the accommodation paid by the
commitee, we are going to give a 176€ token to each. This covers the
accommodation in a 850 bungalow shared between 4 people. Anybody with
different needs will book whatever they need, paying the difference from
their pocket. 

A real example. A staff member gets his 176€ token, but he wants to book
a whole bungalow since he will come with his partner and son. Then he
will pay for a whole bungalow (from 484€ to 783€, his choice) and in
Vilanova he will get 176€ back. This way everybody gets the same
accommodation sponsorship from the GUADEC committee, having each the
flexibility to find the solution that suits him/her best.

Finally, we are also allowing the participants to book optionally
breakfast in Vilanova Park (only until April 23rd) and/or lunch in the
university cafeteria.

Quim Gil /// http://desdeamericaconamor.org | http://guadec.org

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