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A nice compromise is to have 2 or 3 accommodation options recommended and on the website - a hotel in the $50 - $100 price range per night, where people coming with companies and invited speakers will be put up, a more economical option (like the youth hostel last year) for people on a tighter budget. This could be the campsite option this year.

For a youth hostel, we should be able to get a block booking without paying anything in advance (or paying a reimbursable deposit) for say 50 places. But people should call the hostel themselves to reserve their places within that block, and we have to make that very clear on the site.

For the hotel, we can negotiate a group rate, but only make firm reservations for invited speakers that we're paying accommodation for.

The key point is that we don't want people contacting us to make reservations, and we don't want to pay money in advance if we can help it, but we should propose a couple of options to people coming to avoid dispersion of people. But some people are going to take care of themselves anyway.


Quim Gil wrote:

En/na Glynn Foster ha escrit:

I think you should probably let people handle accommodation themselves -
perhaps organize a discount for anyone booking some accommodation using
the word 'guadec' or something.

Mmm yes but

a) We need to book for those involved in the organisation (including the
team of volunteers, probably), the sponsored participants and the
speakers we invite.

b) The discount we can negotiate with the camping and hotels is related
to the reservation we make in advance. Maybe we can get a small discount
in he hotels just for the fact of recommending them, but the camping
will be more or less full at the end of June anyway and they make
discounts to those making reservations in advance.

We had agreed booking the whole youth hpstel with 60 beds. Maybe we
could agree on booking at least 12 bungalows = 60 people.

Also, we could offer a very attractive discount to participants
registering very soon (say the first 15 days of online registration) and
booking accommodation in the GNOME Village. We would deal with the
accommodation of these early birds since the more bungalows we rent, a
better discount we will get and the success of the GNOME Village will be
 more consolidated.

After the 15 days we will offer this minor discount to those dealing
directly with the camping mentioning "guadec", and something similar
would happen with the recommended hotels if we get deals with them.

Just give people options, put it on a website, and let them do it

You are right. Apart from this one-time early reservation we should not
put our hands in mass booking.


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