Re: [guadec-list] 30/jan #guadec meeting log


Quim Gil wrote:
(21:22:26) Gman: you have the foundation board
(21:22:43) Gman: so you have novell, sun, cannonical, redhat, ibm,
intel, fluendo, imendio
(21:22:45) Gman: and that's just a start
(21:22:47) Gman: oh, hp too
(21:23:23) qgil: Apparently Dave is not that happy about the outcome of
this board in previous years

? What am I unhappy about?

I definitely think we should get HP, IBM, Nokia, RedHat and Sun to be the main sponsors of the event. Fluendo are typically our streamiong partners for free, and Imendio might give us some money (they did last year). Canonical might be a tough nut to crack...

(21:32:11) qgil: the money coming from... by now the (few) expenses are
coming from my pocket (One trip to Barcelona and these printed
brochures, plus nexts visits to Barcelona)
(21:32:26) qgil: since nobody from the board has answered yet on
accounting / money

Didn't I answer? Your expenses will be covered. You'll have to submit an expense report to be reimbursed, and a request for any expenditure over $200 should be submitted for approval beforehand.

(21:43:18) qgil: again, some bord members were required to help on this,
to get high profiles from companies etc
(21:43:29) qgil: no concretion, will push

Please do push. I've been floating keynote ideas, but haven't really gotten an idea whether people like the ideas or not.

(21:45:09) Gman: get bios and photos from them, and what they'll talk about

I'll send a mail on to Kathy and Jim.


Dave Neary
bolsh gimp org
Lyon, France

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