[guadec-list] 30/jan #guadec meeting log

The first (and quite improvised) #guadec meeting has been quite useful
(at least for me) thanks to Glynn's input. You are invited to join the
next meeting on Monday 6/feb at 20h UTC.

The log is below. If someone wants to make a summary of it, great.

(21:00:35) qgil: jordim, bkor, glasseyes, Gman, halfline, josep,
roozbeh, sami, zwnj you are invited to join the first GUADEC2006 IRC
meeting, starting NOW
(21:00:55) qgil: if you are going to participate in  it please say hi
and, if you wish, a brief intro of yourself
(21:01:29) zwnj: hi there
(21:01:56) Gman: hi - Glynn here. not sure i'll be participating too
much, but really just monitoring what you guys are doing/thinking about
(21:02:05) Gman: [and in case i can give help]
(21:02:21) qgil: great
(21:02:24) Gman: pure chance that I logged into #guadec for this meeting
(21:02:40) qgil: this destiny Gman ;)
(21:03:02) sami: hi am sami... i will probably just be a listener; also
joing by chance i mean destiny :)
(21:03:34) qgil: I know it's been a bit rush but after some discussion
in December about starting a routine (unsusccessfully)...
(21:03:55) qgil: ... I though perhaps the best thing was to simply start
a routine, and improve it depending on the needs
(21:03:58) zwnj: i'm busy with logos yet... so will be quite and follow you
(21:04:39) qgil: ok, at least Devin said he would acively participate,
he is commuting now from work/house, hopefully about to arrive
(21:04:41) qgil: in the meantime
(21:05:00) qgil: can I just ask whether it makes sense to you to have
this weekly IRC meeting?
(21:05:12) qgil: previous guadec had conference calls as far as I know
(21:05:19) qgil: (calling to US)
(21:05:23) qgil: U.S.
(21:06:44) qgil: also, we need to have a clear idea of the people able
to participate in the organisation, this is the aim of defining specific
teams http://live.gnome.org/GUADEC2006_2fOrganization
(21:07:46) qgil: I hope these teams' definitions help newcomers to
decide where to start collaborating, instead of simply offering them a
"join guadec-list" message
(21:08:33) Gman: have you got a local team organized?
(21:08:42) qgil: half organised
(21:08:53) qgil: we need to decide a date to meet in February
(21:09:07) qgil: about 6-8 people, initially
(21:09:08) Gman: that would be good
(21:09:19) Gman: because it's already february ;)
(21:09:34) qgil: I know, I know...
(21:09:48) qgil: the main obstacle has been myself  :(
(21:09:54) Gman: don't worry about sending around darfts after drafts
(21:09:58) Gman: just get things out
(21:10:10) Gman: there's enough stuff in the guadec-planning/guadec-list
archives to re-use
(21:10:29) qgil: really busy (overloaded) with a deadline of a project
prior to my compromise to guadec coordination, but I delivered last week
and now this is my almost full time job, to recover hours
(21:10:30) Gman: time is important
(21:10:38) Gman: if you have good speakers, then you can encourage good
(21:10:52) Gman: ok
(21:10:57) Gman: [delegate]
(21:11:31) qgil: yes, this is the aim of the teams as well
(21:11:43) qgil: because delegating on individuals only not always work
(21:11:59) qgil: i.e. Danigo is doing a good job with the brochure, but
we have other examples
(21:12:14) qgil: team pressure helps
(21:12:51) Gman: yep
(21:16:10) qgil: What about clicking
http://live.gnome.org/GUADEC2006_2fOrganization and adding your name in
just one team?  :roll:
(21:16:20) qgil: your = plural
(21:17:12) qgil: the next points in my agenda are
(21:17:35) jwilliams [~jwilliams williamslinux otago ac nz] ha entrat a
la sala.
(21:17:44) qgil: logo & theme contest, brochure, keynotes, call for
papers, Vilanova infrastructure signed agreement
(21:18:06) jwilliams: Hi all
(21:18:18) qgil: hi jwilliams great to see you here  :)
(21:18:52) Gman: prioritize them
(21:19:06) jwilliams: Hi Quim :-)
(21:19:17) Gman: call for papers, keynotes, vilanova signed agreement,
logo & theme contest, brochure
(21:19:26) Gman: [we've never had a brochure before fwiw]
(21:19:27) ***jwilliams reads
(21:19:47) qgil: yes objectively, no in the context of the calendar
(21:20:00) qgil: the contest has deadlines and they are this week
(21:20:49) ***jwilliams lurks
(21:21:04) qgil: the brochure is needed to contact sponsors - in
previous years (my impression is) GYADEC has got funds thanks to
personal contacts, but this year it seems we are weaker on this
(21:21:33) qgil: and the brochure is needed to get sponsors in Spain,
were saying"hi, we are the GNOME guys" is just not enough
(21:22:23) Gman: no you're not
(21:22:26) Gman: you have the foundation board
(21:22:43) Gman: so you have novell, sun, cannonical, redhat, ibm,
intel, fluendo, imendio
(21:22:45) Gman: and that's just a start
(21:22:47) Gman: oh, hp too
(21:23:23) qgil: Apparently Dave is not that happy about the outcome of
this board in previous years
(21:23:35) qgil: we need to enforce marketing with them as well, probably
(21:23:49) Gman: yeah, that's nice too
(21:23:55) qgil: anyway, the brochure is almost done
(21:23:58) Gman: but well, you guys need money at the end of the day
(21:24:16) qgil: the points we still need to define are basic to get
sponsorship: what do we offer and how much we request for that
(21:24:19) qgil: the rest is almost done
(21:24:29) Gman: nod
(21:25:10) qgil: we definitely need the money
(21:25:27) qgil: this is why brochure-sponsors-keynotes are on the top
of the priorities
(21:25:52) qgil: (you are right pointing out hat good keynotes bring
good sponsors)
(21:26:36) Gman: back to your agenda then :)
(21:27:19) qgil: just one more thing, the main free software event in
Spain is held in Málaga in few weeks:
(21:27:46) qgil: I will be there and I want to bring some brochures
printed with nice colors to give them to the right people there
(21:28:05) qgil: the Spanish distros (Linex, Guadalinex etc) are all
based on GNOME and have public budget
(21:28:14) qgil: they are primary target
(21:28:50) qgil: there is also a growing local industry of SMB's and
some corps, thanks to the money around these public intiiatives
promoting/developing free software
(21:28:55) qgil: they are target too
(21:29:20) qgil: If we get 4-8 sponsors of 5000€ well, this is not a bad
source of income
(21:29:23) Gman: cool
(21:29:35) Gman: so, what's the due date on the brochure?
(21:29:45) qgil: I'd like to have this week
(21:29:52) Gman: how many copies are we printing? or is it electronic?
What are the costs of printing them? Where is the money coming from? ...
(21:29:57) qgil: the design is done, only the text/concepts need some
(21:30:15) Gman: any feedback from the board?
(21:30:15) qgil: I think it is mainly electronic
(21:30:24) Gman: ok
(21:30:37) jwilliams: Sorry to butt in, but the topic on #marketing
seems to have disappeared.  Would you like to suggest one (related to
GUADEC, I mean)?
(21:30:51) qgil: printed material it's just for special cases like this
event, or some inhouse visits I plan to do in Barcelona and perhaps Madrid
(21:31:12) Gman: yeah
(21:31:32) qgil: jwilliams: you can find inspiration in the current
#guadec topic, I try to keep it updated
(21:31:53) jwilliams: qgil: Cool.
(21:32:11) qgil: the money coming from... by now the (few) expenses are
coming from my pocket (One trip to Barcelona and these printed
brochures, plus nexts visits to Barcelona)
(21:32:26) qgil: since nobody from the board has answered yet on
accounting / money
(21:32:38) roozbeh ha sortit de la sala (quit: Leaving).
(21:33:07) qgil: Tim left, change of board, new accountant to be
hired... whatever
(21:33:07) Gman: keep pushing them
(21:33:46) Gman: yeah, i know the reasons, just keep pushing them ;)
(21:33:48) qgil: I'm being paid from the Catalan government for the work
(not for the expenses, they are part of the GUADEC budget I still need
to do) but at least the money comes from there
(21:33:50) Gman: they can't drop the ball on you
(21:34:08) Gman: you're keeping a record of all the expenses, right?
(21:34:13) Gman: that's something that we did really badly in the past
(21:34:45) qgil: I need to do it if only for my taxes (I'm self-employed)
(21:34:56) qgil: but GUADEC needs accounting
(21:36:07) qgil: the good thing though is that the core expenses are
arranged by Vilanova - Generalitat in their agreement
(21:36:20) qgil: we don't even see/touch those expenses
(21:36:27) Gman: ok
(21:36:38) Gman: just keep a record of everything you know about
(21:36:44) qgil: travel and accomodation of speakers and organisatin
will be the core expense, I think
(21:36:47) Gman: no matter how detailed it might feel
(21:36:50) Gman: it's important
(21:36:59) qgil: definitely
(21:37:51) qgil: ine thing to clarify with the board (I also asked this,
waiting for response, will push) is where the money goes
(21:37:58) qgil: I mean, the foundation has a US account
(21:38:13) qgil: but most attendes are european
(21:38:40) qgil: maybe we could save a lot of money just opening an
account to handle registration and then make a single payment to that US
(21:38:52) qgil: opening an account in Spain/Europe I mean
(21:39:06) Gman: yeah, that might be better
(21:39:13) Gman: but yeah, you should clarify that with the board
(21:39:19) qgil: anyway, this is a 100% board topic, will deal with them
(21:40:21) qgil: so, my agenda  :)
(21:40:26) Devin [Devin 112 Red-83-36-50 staticIP rima-tde net] ha
entrat a la sala.
(21:40:33) Devin: hi
(21:40:36) Devin: <-- late
(21:40:58) #guadec: mode (+o Devin ) per OuComBalla
(21:42:08) qgil: hi Devin
(21:42:15) qgil: about keynotes
(21:42:31) qgil: they are conceptually defined
(21:42:46) qgil: we """just""" need to put names on the schedule
(21:43:18) qgil: again, some bord members were required to help on this,
to get high profiles from companies etc
(21:43:29) qgil: no concretion, will push
(21:43:43) Gman: get bios and photos from them, and what they'll talk about
(21:44:12) qgil: before confirming them?
(21:44:24) Gman: aren't they confirmed already?
(21:44:34) Gman: i mean, they're up on beta.guadec.org?
(21:44:54) qgil: We have just two confirmed: http://beta.guadec.org/node/68
(21:45:05) Gman: right
(21:45:09) Gman: get bios and photos from them, and what they'll talk about
(21:45:10) Gman: ;)
(21:45:12) qgil: the rest are still to be contacted or even define who
will be contacted
(21:45:29) qgil: Gman: will do  :)
(21:45:34) Gman: more can be added later
(21:46:31) qgil: about the cal fr papers
(21:47:10) qgil: I suggested in guadec.planning a procedure - no response
(21:47:33) qgil: my problem when getting no response is to distinguish
between "this is a yes" or "this is a no"  :)
(21:48:22) qgil: the proposal implies a radical change in how papers are
submitred and approved, so I dont want to proceed alone
(21:48:35) qgil: will ost t guadec.list, I think, to see if more
feedback comes from there
(21:48:41) qgil: if it doesn't i will just proceed
(21:49:15) Gman: no response = good
(21:49:19) Gman: [after a day or two]
(21:49:23) ***Gman not on guadec-planning fwiw
(21:49:54) Gman: i also understood that guadec-list was going to be
where all the discussion occurred, seemingly this isn't the case?
(21:50:34) qgil: Gman: all but what is considered confidential
(21:50:42) Gman: right
(21:50:48) qgil: and you know this is something flexible
(21:50:55) Gman: that's fine
(21:51:00) Gman: but the fact is that you sent it to guadec-planning first
(21:51:21) Gman: which kinda goes against your mailing list wishes ;)
(21:51:25) Gman: [which i agree with completely]
(21:55:10) qgil: re-sent to guadec.list after 11 says of silence in
(21:55:13) qgil: :)
(21:55:17) qgil: 11 days
(21:56:33) qgil: reloading
http://live.gnome.org/GUADEC2006_2fOrganization and still no new names
on the teams
(21:56:44) qgil: maybe the wiki is broken and no edit is feasible right
now?  ;)
(21:57:37) qgil: what else?
(21:57:51) Gman: maybe you need to publicize it some more
(21:57:59) Gman: i'm sure there's people out there willing to help
(21:58:14) Gman: [sending it to guadec-list is probably not wide enough
(21:58:36) qgil: of course, I was falling again in the draft procedure
(21:58:53) qgil: asking first and ten poblicising
(21:59:11) qgil: (oh my, I should type  s l o w e r )
(22:00:02) qgil: well, 1h of meeting is not bad - are there more topic
you want to discuss now?
(22:00:14) Gman: so, having read the mail
(22:00:19) Gman: what's so radical about it?
(22:00:25) qgil: well
(22:00:35) Gman: you've just given some core tracks, and you want to
people to submit papers against them?
(22:00:55) qgil: from my point of view everything about GUADEC in the
past looks like closed and controlled
(22:01:14) Gman: controlled, yes
(22:01:17) Gman: closed? definitely not
(22:01:50) qgil: I can only see the previous years as an outsider
(22:02:16) qgil: anyway, this is not the point  :)
(22:02:16) Gman: ok
(22:02:32) qgil: the novelty is to submit papers publicly
(22:02:43) qgil: papers that by default are approved
(22:03:03) qgil: and just some selected to be part of the core GUADED,
with paid expenses
(22:03:17) Gman: hrm
(22:03:23) Gman: public = good, i'm fine with that
(22:03:37) Gman: not totally sure about approval by default
(22:03:41) Gman: and not sure about paid expenses
(22:03:50) Gman: because a lot of the potential papers are submitted by
people who can afford it
(22:03:53) qgil: in the terms expressed in the email
(22:04:31) qgil: "we sponsor the travel and accomodation expenses to the
speakers of this official selection requesting it."
(22:04:33) qgil: requesting it
(22:05:01) qgil: "About the non selected sessions, the committee just
checks they are on-topic. If they are, they will find a place during The
Approach Weekend or the After Hours"
(22:05:05) Gman: ok
(22:05:15) qgil: on-topic
(22:05:40) Gman: just do it ;)
(22:05:45) qgil: :)
(22:05:57) Gman: you might not want to publicize the expenses bit, just
in case we don't have sponsorship ;)
(22:06:07) qgil: this is a good tip
(22:06:14) Devin: i agree u need to send it to a wider list, not only to
(22:06:23) qgil: if someone needs sponsorship,will claim anyway
(22:06:30) Gman: yeah
(22:06:30) Devin: (i'm reading from the beginning :P )
(22:06:40) Gman: have a checkbox in there anyway, so you can at least
know the people who require it
(22:06:54) Gman: anyway, i'd suggest someone does up a webpage, and
sends out an announcement
(22:07:07) Gman: [b.t.w. announcements only through drupal is a really,
really bad idea]
(22:07:22) qgil: minor announcements
(22:07:37) Devin: a p.g.o announcement should be better
(22:07:39) qgil: for the others planet + gnomedesktop
(22:07:54) Gman: and guadec-list, and marketing-list, and ...
(22:08:01) Devin: qgil, why not a week-status post at p.g.o?
(22:08:09) qgil: not sure about crossposting
(22:08:46) Devin: the "call for help" should be done in a wider channel
(22:08:47) Gman: cross post, set reply-to, done.
(22:09:21) qgil: weekly report, fine
(22:09:32) qgil: "set reply.-to"?
(22:11:44) qgil: to publicise properly, a Communication team would help,
but for this we need volunteers, and to get volunteers we need
publicity.......  ;)
(22:12:30) Gman: dude
(22:12:34) Gman: stop making things complicated :)
(22:13:07) qgil: you would have said "[delegate]"  :)
(22:13:24) qgil: but yah, agreed
(22:13:41) Gman: heheh
(22:13:44) qgil: I'll just move forward
(22:13:46) zwnj: qgil: i selected 35 of 135 to upload :D
(22:14:03) qgil: zwnj: this looks like a hard triage!  :)
(22:14:42) Gman: i don't know how to upload pages to b.g.o, but i can
try and figure out and write up a call for papers page if you like?
(22:15:02) qgil: Gman: great
(22:15:12) Gman: ok
(22:15:19) Gman: i'll try and base it on the tracks you've decided already
(22:15:46) qgil: register to the site and you'll get editing permissions
(22:16:15) qgil: they are needed for the special pages like his one
(22:16:38) Gman: ok, will try and figure it out
(22:18:02) qgil: We will need to install the flexynode module to create
the form page to submit papers
(22:18:45) ***Gman shrugs - knows nothing about that stuff
(22:18:56) Gman: maybe i should just write up a text file for someone to
mark up :)
(22:19:02) qgil: http://drupal.org/project/flexinode
(22:19:08) qgil: yes, yes, you don't need to do this
(22:19:20) qgil: just publish a normal page with the info
(22:19:31) qgil: the form will go in a page apart anyway, isn't it?
(22:20:45) Gman: yeah
(22:20:45) qgil: Gman: what you need to do is publish a "book" page, you
will find out at http://beta.guadec.org/node/add
(22:21:46) Gman: what should the parent page be?
(22:23:03) qgil: euhm.....
(22:23:54) Gman: seems a little bit inconsistent atm
(22:23:55) qgil: http://beta.guadec.org/guadec2006 ?
(22:24:00) qgil: it is
(22:24:28) ***Gman going to use GUADEC 2006 : The GNOME Conference
(22:24:33) qgil: any suggestions are welcome
(22:24:34) ***Gman assumes it's easy to reorder pages?
(22:24:39) qgil: yes, one click
(22:24:49) Gman: ok
(22:26:01) qgil: Gman: welcome to the web editors team  :P
(22:26:11) Gman: :)
(22:28:51) qgil: Gman, Devin ... anything else?
(22:29:13) Gman: nope
(22:30:30) qgil: ok then, thanks also to the other lurking/reading at
some point
(22:30:37) qgil: others
(22:31:07) qgil: specially an "hola!" to josep  :)
(22:31:41) qgil: in the next meeting we can get into more details about
local stuff
(22:32:16) qgil: thanks Gman for your tips and good morning/nite
(22:32:30) Gman: night!

Quim Gil - http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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