[guadec-list] Re: Design Meeting

Good ideas. Let's go ahead. Was tavon in the meeting as well? Do not
hesitate sending the whole log of meetings done by IRC. Maybe can we
retrieve it from OuComBalla?

Question: what about the A4 ad for Linux Magazine? I hope you received
and a direct email with tiff logo attached -
http://beta.guadec.org/node/157 - (this is why I didn't send it to the
list) and further technical instructions (added below-below).

About the brochure, I would not invest much more energies redesigning it
for GUADEC 2006. We have already sent most brochures to our targeted
sponsors. Ludovic and any other designer can invest better their time in
other tasks.

Behnam, can't do anything about you receiving my posts with such delays.
They arrive quick to the guadec-list archive, though...   :?

Also, report always to the list instead of myself, this way other can
check before waiting me to forward.

En/na Behnam Esfahbod ha escrit:
> Hi,
> Here are a little report of design meeting:
> - We like to follow Tango guidelines as much as we can, like:
> -- Try to use Tango pallet for colors, mainly web site and print materials;
> -- Try to use Tango (and other compatible) icons for the web site;
> -- Try to design posters with the ideas of Tango;  (This helps people to
> remember GNOME's look and feel with a look on posters, and vice versa)
> - We like to use sans serif font:
> -- For the web site, it's obvious that sans serif font is necessary;
> -- It's hard to put a text in serif font beside a logo with such round
> curves;
> -- And we have an artistic (IMO) sans serif font that is useful for
> printing too.
> So what we planed for this week is work on the theme of the web site,
> some simple posters, etc with this guidelines and ask ldng to review the
> brochure.
> Let us know your opinion, ASAP.  I'll try to be online on tomorrow
> night, for the meeting.
> Cheers,
> -Behnam
> PS. I receive every emails from you 2~3 days later.  2~5 hours ago, I
> received you emails sent on 02/24 and 02/25... :(

Quim Gil - http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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