[guadec-list] Promoting tavon

John Hwang (tavon http://beta.guadec.org/user/20 ) has got admin role in

He is also the default maintainer of the guadec.org component in

Glynn has been taking care of this components in the years that
guadec.org has been CVS based. Thank you!

Once he gets used to the new responsibilities we will start the process
of getting a shell account for him, so he can tweak directly the Drupal
insights. When I got the shell account back in December I was supposed
to have a real server admin next to me. Alberto Mesas (Devin -
http://beta.guadec.org/user/26 ) is also invited to show perseverance in
order to apply to a shell account to admin our Drupal.

This would start looking like a serious CMS-based web team...

Quim Gil - http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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