[guadec-list] Re: Fubdraisers contacting sponsors

En/na Dave Neary ha escrit:

> I'm not suggesting that any old volunteer could get us sponsorship - but
> we have the contacts, and I'm more than happy to introduce people to
> people (I'm sure Jeff is the same) if I have a fair idea that they're
> not going to ruin a relationship ;)

Fundraising and getting projects in the Internet & free software
industries has been a big % of my work in the last decade. I can do this
work and in fact I enjoy doing this (from time to time).

Yesterday I meet Javi Vázquez for the first time face to face. He has a
similar profile.

We have about 25-30 organisations to contact in total. GUADEC is "easy"
to sell in a way: you get quick YES or NO, THANKS. Orgs thinking "no
thanks" have generaly good reasons and will be really difficult to
change their minds. The main work I expect is to push the small
interested orgs up to a Silver packacge and push the orgs with resoulsec
to Silver and a saucoy Cornerstone.

The initial objectives are 1 cornerstone, 3 golds, 5/7 silver. It's not
easy but it's not impossible either. Maybe a big difference compared to
previous GUADECs is that the local sponsorship may play an important
role: GNOME is present in many free software projects and lots of money
(compared to the average free software economy elsewhere) are being
invested here, not only developing projects but also positioning
companies in a growing market powered mainly by the public institutions.

For instance, Novell Spain may be as interested or more in a good GUADEC
 prensece than Novell corp itself. Intel Iberia is investing a lot of
resources in free software related marketing and they could decide
autonomously a sponsorship apart from Intel corp. Etc.

I'm writing these lines in a huge event hall with about 20 flashy stands
where even Oracle and Vodafone have nice brochures, colorful lights and
well dressed hostesses...

All this to say I'm happy and confident and doing this work, sharing
responsabilities with Javi and sharing contacts with Dave (& Jeff? will
ask him, he's around) and Devin, who has some pretty good Spanish contacts.

Quim Gil - http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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