[guadec-list] Re: Fubdraisers contacting sponsors


Quim Gil wrote:
Of course more people is always better than less people. However, I
think that what we really need is to get the right contact inside the
companies we are looking for sponsorship.

I'm not suggesting that any old volunteer could get us sponsorship - but
we have the contacts, and I'm more than happy to introduce people to
people (I'm sure Jeff is the same) if I have a fair idea that they're
not going to ruin a relationship ;)

Once the person is contacted the negotiation can be done by a negotiator
based on the objective interest of GUADEC andGNOME rather than personal
contacts only.

This is the work I'm thinking about - the actual relationship
management, getting the money, doing invoices, following up regularly if
there's no reply, etc.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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