Re: [guadec-list] Weekly meeting reminder


I'm not going to be able to attend this evening, sorry.

For info, I've contacted Sun about sponsorship (a while ago), but no-body else. And Jeff's said that since he's already looking for sponsorship for for next year, he's not going to be helping out in any significant way with GUADEC fundraising.

So we *definitely* need more fundraisers, outside the board, for major sponsors.


Quim Gil wrote:
Like every Monday, today we meet at #guadec ( at 20h UTC,
21h Vilanova time.


- Sponsors' brochure and strategy
- GUADEC Budget
- post-beta website
- Early birds: sponsored participants, discount package, special visa
- ...?

We will try to keep the routine of having a 1h meeting.


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