[guadec-list] Re: Sponsor's Brochure

Who would expect not to get connection to the Internet in a **** hotel?
Well, this is what happened to me yesterday night.

I had spent the whole day 'seeling GUADEC', though. I didn't have the
brochure, not even a corporate GNOME identity in a business card. Nobody
seemed to miss them in the intial contact, though. They understand
GUADEC is a GNOME conference and GNOME is a community project: they are
the corporations, they wear suits and have stands. They don't expect us
acting in exactly the same way. They expect us being serious about the
event and apparently we are doing this task more or less good.

There were diverse degrees of interest, some really promissing. Today
I'll spend again the day seling GUADEC. More in an email apart.

My conclusions about the brochure.

After hours talking about GUADEC with possible Silver / Gold sponsors
and media sponsors I think we don't need a printed brochure, nor a
Spanish translation.

Right after the last changes (i.e. including the new logo) I think the
brochure is ready to be sent as an effective support of the initial
contacts made.

Quim Gil - http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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