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If we are able to get a free fee I'm sure we can get " a lot " of local ppl visit the GUADEC and get their first contact with GNOME development.
If GNOME wants fresh blood GUADEC is a good way to get it.

2006/2/15, Danilo Šegan <danilo gnome org>:
Today at 12:27, Andy Wingo wrote:

> I wasted a bit of time searching the internet for last year's prices. I
> seem to recall that "professionals" paid more than "students/hobbyists".
> Note that most company people fall in the former category. So company
> people end up paying more. This is fine with me, but I seem to remember
> some whinging last year on the planet. Still I think it's a good plan --
> to have a "hobbyist" level and a "professional" level. Not that it
> should be apparent on badges or anything, that's poor taste IMO.

It was €30 for students, and €150 or something like that for
professional people.  Note that "professional" fee applied only to
those being sent by companies, not to those funding themselves, at
least that was the explanation last year.

>> Participants also need to understand that GUADEC is a main source of
>> income for GNOME during the rest of the year.
> I was not aware of this. I thought that the fees advisory board members
> pay financed the rest of GNOME. Is this not the case? Murray/Dave?

I doubt registration fees are: if there were 300 participants last
year, that would amount to less than 10k euros (approximate: some
didn't pay the fee, some paid "professional" fee).  Cornerstone
sponsor on its own should provide more money, if I got it right.

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