[guadec-list] Registration fees

What were the registration fees applied in Stuttgart? Can't find them in
 http://2005.guadec.org/ nor http://live.gnome.org/Stuttgart2005

We started talking about registration fees and discounts in yesterday's
meeting and today user treitter has asked about them in #guadec.

We need to decide if we follow the same scheme as in Stuttgart or
improvements need to be made. Also if the price base is the same, if we
are going to offer a single registration for 7 days or there will be
different prices for attending just i.e. core GUADEC... (I'm for a
single fee for the whole week, leaving the door open to free entrance
during the Warm Up weekend).

We can review the Stuttgart schema and prices according to the opinion
of last year organisers. Also in the feedback got from last year
participants, of course. Did we get feedback about registraton fees in
the poll/survey made in Stuttgart?

Quim Gil - http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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