Re: [guadec-list] Registration fees

I agree on Murray's very useful list of points, also on Dave's comments.

About the debate of expensive / not expensive, can someone provide the
Stuttgart fees in order to bring the debate down to specific amounts?

I think we should/could apply a strong discount to GNOME Foundation
members. Students got also a discount, as far as I remember. Groups
(companies, projects, friends) could also get a discount.

If you come from a place where the income is very low compared to the
average EU countries then you are target to request sponsorship. If your
case is special you can also request sponsorship.

I do think we need some registration process and a fee at least to
non-Foundation members, specially to companies and public institutions.
They already use GNOME for free, many saving money and even earning it
thanks to what the GNOME project does.

Organising a GUADEC costs money, and a GUADEC with 800 attendees costs a
lot more money than a GUADEC with 400. We need to find the
sustainability of the whole process and this is why I think a fee is
required. Then we open the door to discounts, sponsored participants and
other excepcions.

Participants also need to understand that GUADEC is a main source of
income for GNOME during the rest of the year. The first time someone
told me this I thought it made full sense, and it was before
GettingInvolved. As Murray says, transparency helps people understanding
why things cost money.

Don't forget the Warm Up weekend activities will be 100% free and open.
While this might not make a French developer come to GUADEC instead of
FOSDEM, at least will be useful for local users and developers to come
by, meet GNOME and taste GUADEC.

Quim Gil -

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