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On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 20:17 +0800, Davyd Madeley wrote:

> The text on Page 4 still needs some work, but I am having trouble with
> this.

Ok. After much deliberation and rewriting and reordering and hating it.
I think I've finally come up with something that we could use on page 4
that was useful for the kinds of people who read sponsorship brochures
(not the kind of people who know what a CORBA ORB is).

Unfortunately for anyone translating, this is a complete rewrite.

I'm still not entirely happy with it, but I think it may be closer to
what we're after. Send me your commentary.

If we need to get copies of this out soon, it may be prudent to only do
a small sample run (this is quite doable nowadays with modern digital
printing) while we proofread and fix the issues with all of these
changes I've pushed: then do a larger run once we're happy.


Davyd Madeley
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Page 4

Why Sponsor GUADEC?

Each year, GUADEC attracts around 500 key software developers, press members,
business people and government staff from around the globe. Together attendees
shares their experiences, technology and ideas in developing, using and
deploying the GNOME platform.

Delegates attend GUADEC for many reasons. Users of GNOME come for a firsthand
glimpse of the latest sleek features. Business and government attend GUADEC to
discuss deploying the GNOME software and evaluate the merits of the GNOME
platform. Developers of GNOME and 3rd party applications use GUADEC as a forum
to come together and discuss the latest technologies and their new ideas for

Professions represented at GUADEC include computer manufacturers and OEMs; IT
distributors; resellers; IT publishers; consultants; people from the
education and training industry; government staff; professional artists; systems
administrators; analysts; and software developers. With information technology
being a
multifaceted industry, GUADEC plays host to many different fields of
interest within the IT community, including desktop development; ISV
application development; multimedia; digital art; networking; communications;
wireless; mobile and embedded devices; databases; tools development; and the

GUADEC is also a fun and enjoyable conference, where old bonds
and friendships are renewed and new ones created, through social events and
functions that are thanks entirely to our sponsors. In the past, social events
have been used for preliminary product launches (and successfully creating a
base of dedicated and excited software developers for the product) or simply to
chill out at the end of the conference.

With delegates from around the world, GUADEC is regarded as a unique and
internationally flavoured conference and offers sponsors the opportunity to tap
into a wide range of computing and information technology markets

As a sponsor of GUADEC you will be recognised not only as a sponsor of the event
but also a sponsor of GNOME, a sponsor of the GNOME community and of the ideals
on which GNOME is founded.

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