Re: [guadec-list] Registration fees

Today at 1:09, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

> Well, it's not like I'm getting thousands of dollars every month,
> for the past few years I've hardly got more than enough to pay
> for rent and regular living expenses, but that doesn't mean I
> agree reg. fee should be reduced to 20 euros instead of 30
> euros :).  That cuts %33 of the registration fee income for
> GUADEC.  I can ask for a half-price registration instead
> personally.

You said it in a different manner first: "if anyone hesitates to pay
$50, perhaps GUADEC is not for them".  I disagree with that, and I
hope I explained why it's not about "hesitation", but "ability"
rather.  Some students in countries with different (as in "better")
standard would be in pretty much the same situation as well.

Even, I can imagine quite a few local people in Spain avoiding GUADEC
simply because registration fee is too much: anyone not really sure
GUADEC might interest them might skip it altogether. :(

That's why I'd support GUADEC registration being free, but I
understand that it is not really simple to make it such.


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