Re: [guadec-list] Registration fees

Hi Behdad,

Yesterday at 22:26, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

> So, no, GUADEC is not expensive.  It's just not a free trade
> show.  If somebody is hesitant to pay like $50 to attend GUADEC,
> I'm not sure it's the best show^wconference for them to go to.
> Same thing about accomodation...

You're way over your head now.  Average salary in Serbia is around
€150/month, and it's not about whether I am hesistant to pay that,
it's whether I'll be able to earn 250 for the flight, 200 for the
accomodation, 50 for registration and a couple hundred for beer, food
and other expenses while there.

Granted, I make a bit more than €150/month as a programmer, but I'd be
glad to take a couple of friends with me to GUADEC as well: they would
probably become much more interested in Gnome, but giving out 600
euros is not common for people I hang out with.


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