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--- Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com> a écrit :

> On Tue, 2006-02-14 at 08:57 +0100, Quim Gil wrote:

> 2.2 Aim for free registration. Try to budget for
> this and try to get
> enough sponsorship for it, but don't promise it
> unless it's likely.

That's something I never understood: why GUADEC has
always been that expensive ? And I personally think
that registration fee has always and will always be
perceived as a barrier. People told me that they would
prefer go to FOSDEM over GUADEC because of that.

IMHO, the registration resulted in a perception of
GUADEC has a meeting reserved to developers for
developers and scare potential attendees.

IMHO, the problem isn't taken in the good sense. The
battle can't be fighted on every front. I think that
maybe focusing on the helping the speaker that need
fund to come _and_ trying to get a few hostel to sign
an agreement like "for X persons we get price X" and
let people come at their will. Kind of like the

In september, I have french friend that were willing
to come to  the Barcelona GUADEC but were reluctant
because of the registration fee asking me how high it
would be. With the move of the event to Vilonova I can
no longer offer them accomodation. Accomodation +
Registration fee, they prefered to go to FOSDEM. They
won't come to GUADEC although they were very
interested in coming.

What's my point ? My controversial proposition would
be let's try to avoid the fee as much as possible,
focus on getting speaker coming (at our expense if
necessary) and getting cheap accomodation by reserving
early and passing an agreement with hostel stating
that the attendee pay let's say 80% and we cover the
othe 20% and reserve those accomodation to the
attendees that need financial help.

I heard so many time that GUADEC is for professional
and that registration fee serve as a filter (wether it
be justify or not) that it piss me off. Or maybe
that's the case and I missed something :) 

My point is the bad image/perception is out there.
It need fixing :)

Hope I haven't offended anyone, and if missed some
point I would love to be explained/proven wrong.

I think we're getting a bit behind schedule.
So let's have this logo !
I'll finish that Brochure tomorrow !
Something imperfect NOW is better than perfect
And help avancing that website this weekend :)

That's my commitment for this week.

And you ? What will you do ? Yes, you who haven't say
anything on that list yet !

Ludovic Danigo


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