Re: [guadec-list] GUADEC budget

Hey hey,

Couple of things about logistics.

On Tue, 2006-02-14 at 17:43 +0100, Quim Gil wrote:
> > * Equipment hire (typically this is not included in rental of the site -
> > check with university)
> Covered by the Vilanova - Generalitat agreement.

Tents, chairs, tables, podia, microphones, projectors, screens, PA
equipment, speakers, etc? Everything? (Quite an agreement you've
arranged ;-)

> > * Security (1 week, 2 guards, roughly €600 per day, see with university)
> Covered by the Vilanova - Generalitat agreement.

Good. Two guards? Full time?

> > * Insurance (I have no idea)
> Covered by the Vilanova - Generalitat agreement.

The video equipment will also need insurance.

> > * Network equipment (bandwidth?, switches, Wifi hotspots, extension
> > chords, see with college what they have)
> Covered by the Vilanova - Generalitat agreement. Basically the agreement
> covers 'enough wireless bandwidth available' (we haven't specified the
> bandwith we require, please give numbers to make sure we have what we
> need). There will also a computer room for people not carrying laptops.
> By "extension chords" do you mean plugs to switch a network cable?

It's spelled "cords" ;-), and they are the power cables. Traditionally
there are far too few of these.

Also, as Joerg will attest, getting a network together is a large
logistical task in and of itself -- who will be responsible for this?
This person or persons should start meeting soonish so that they can
plan for adequate equipment.

This equipment should also be covered by insurance...

> > * Hospitality (coffee/sandwiches/water fountain?)
> We initially decided that participants would pay their own drinks and
> food. We should have this hospitality for speakers and organisation team
> including volunteers, at least. We need to decide what we offer for how
> many people and then ask the university Cafeteria for a quote.

I think that we should provide some refreshments. As the saying goes,
"programmers are machines for turning coffee into programs". At least
coffee, and I would hope some kind of mid-morning snack (the spanish
schedule is much later than the american one, and still a bit later than
the rest of europe...). But coffee and water should be there always IMO.
Last year was nice in the amount of edibles, only that the coffee ran
out at times. (Can you tell I like coffee? ;)

>      Renting video camera(s)          -- ?
> Ok, this is not covered. Please specify needs and, if possible a quote
> since Fluendo/you will be managing the video operation.

Depends on how many rooms we want to record, from where and at what
quality. Perhaps we can talk about this on the 28th.

>      Utilities                        -- ?
> Can you specify?

By that I meant water, electricity, etc.. although I guess this would be
covered by the famous Vilanova - Generalitat agreement ;)

One more thing: where did you get the number for sponsored travel costs?
That number would seem to be to be quite flexible.

Andy Wingo

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