Re: [guadec-list] GUADEC budget


Some line items:

* Equipment hire (typically this is not included in rental of the site - check with university)
* Security (1 week, 2 guards, roughly €600 per day, see with university)
* Insurance (I have no idea)
* Network equipment (bandwidth?, switches, Wifi hotspots, extension chords, see with college what they have) * Printing (T-shirts: 400 * €5 per, programmes: 500 for a total of €1500, posters/banners?)
* Hospitality (coffee/sandwiches/water fountain?)
* Bribes? (OK, maybe not)


Quim Gil wrote:
To start with...

Lots of things to be specified but at least I've done the first step.
Comments please.

I have requested to the Board the accounts of Stuttgart. The numbers of
Kristiansand are available at


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