Re: [guadec-list] Did You see this on the board meeting agenda?

Hi Quim,

Today at 11:03, Quim Gil wrote:

> We talked yesterday about the "early birds": people looking for discount
> prices, needing sponsorship for trave & accomodation and/or having
> special visa needs.

I am hoping to cover all my expenses this year around, but having the
option of a hostel like the one in Stuttgart would be best ;)

But, nothing short of space invasion is going to stop me from coming
to Barcelona this year :)

> About cheaper accomodation options, will report soon about them.

Ok, great, thanks for looking into it.  Please look for Friday 23rd as
well (so I can come burn some things as well, I need to  know so I can
reserve my flight ;).

> The Schengen area has the same visa policies
> no matter in which country are you, isn't it?

As Dave already said, no, it isn't.  From what I've heard, Spain is
much harder to get visa for than for eg. Germany in here. :)


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