[guadec-list] Sponsors for GUADEC 2006

Hi guys!,

 as you probably already know, I am helping Quim in the search of
sponsors for GUADEC 2006.

 For this task, it would very helpful to know the contacts you had 
in the companies which funded former GUADEC meetings:

 I would thank any information about this. Please, if you have any
information that could help, send it to the list or to my email in

 I do not know how much money was collected last year, but I hope that
the growing popularity of GNOME in Spain allow us to improve it ;)

 Thanks a lot in advance!


Javier Vázquez Lamas
Business Development Manager
mailto:jvazquez igalia com
Telf: +34 986 486994/981 913991
Fax:  +34 981 913949
Igalia http://www.igalia.com

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