Re: [guadec-list] Did You see this on the board meeting agenda?

Quim Gil wrote:
Like Anne suggests, I'm also for a wide call now in order to estimate
sooner the needs and have more time to deal with them. Also to save
money all of us: the sooner we book the cheaper the prices are, so wit
he same resources we can help more people.

Can we have an estimate of the basic costs first, please? We can decide how much we'd like to spend on getting people to the conference later. Step one is knowing how much facilities, infrastructure and manpower will be costing us.

We need to have something like a checklist to assist us approving
sponsorship offers i.e.:

- Willing to help.
- Proposing to run a session.
- GNOME Foundation member.
- Active in GNOME projects.
- Participant in previous years.
- Resident in regions such as Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America,
non-hitech Asia...

In the past, the question has been a judgement call. We have generally covered all legitimate subsidy requests, as far as I know. The easiest way to decide if a request is legitimate is to ask the person what they do in the community, and ask for a reference.

About visas, Span has no difference with the rest of EU-Schengen
countries as far as I know. I think there are no special restrictions
made by Spain only.

All Schengen countries apply their own rules WRT non-Schengen travellers.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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