Re: [guadec-list] Did You see this on the board meeting agenda?

Anne, Danilo,

We talked yesterday about the "early birds": people looking for discount
prices, needing sponsorship for trave & accomodation and/or having
special visa needs.

Like Anne suggests, I'm also for a wide call now in order to estimate
sooner the needs and have more time to deal with them. Also to save
money all of us: the sooner we book the cheaper the prices are, so wit
he same resources we can help more people.

We need to have something like a checklist to assist us approving
sponsorship offers i.e.:

- Willing to help.
- Proposing to run a session.
- GNOME Foundation member.
- Active in GNOME projects.
- Participant in previous years.
- Resident in regions such as Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America,
non-hitech Asia...

About cheaper accomodation options, will report soon about them.

About visas, Span has no difference with the rest of EU-Schengen
countries as far as I know. I think there are no special restrictions
made by Spain only. Maybe getting a limited tourist visa is easier for
certain Latin American countries due to historical rasons but I don't
know - would need to check. The Schengen area has the same visa policies
no matter in which country are you, isn't it?

En/na Danilo Šegan ha escrit:
> On Wednesday at 22:15, Anne Østergaard wrote:
>>      * Anne: "I think it is time to announce on foundation-list and and
>>        else where that persons who needs visa and invitations from the
>>        Spanish organizers should begin the process now in order to be
>>        able to find cheap flights etc." 
> I'd also wonder about cheaper accomodation options (I definitely won't
> be able to afford regular hotel prices, and I'd like to get better
> hostel prices if possible too ;). 
> Cheers,
> Danilo

Quim Gil -

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