Re: Scribus help (was Re: [guadec-list] Brochure design settled - need content work)


> > I understand I can't write directly to the canvas. I wish I could select
> > a box (or something like that) to edit the text inside. I've found the
> > icon supposed to "edit text" but I can't select a text field to activate
> > it.

Click on the Insert Text Frame toolbar button next to the arrow pointer one. 
Then click and drag to create your text frame. To edit text you may double 
click on the frame, or the A icon as you say, or the story editor icon next 
to it. In 1.3.x you can also use Ctrl+Y to edit via story editor or simply 
hit E to edit the frame.

> > has not the best help documents either and even "just
> > Google" is not givin interesting results.

Click on the Documentation menu item will take you to which 
at this point mostly covers 1.2.x.

For anymore specific question, please ask.


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