Re: [guadec-list] Sponsors for GUADEC 2006

El lun, 13-02-2006 a las 14:50 +0100, Dave Neary escribió:
> Hi,
> Javier Vazquez wrote:
> > El mar, 14-02-2006 a las 01:12 +1300, Glynn Foster escribió:
> >>You should probably sync up with the board, because quite often they are
> >>the best people to get in contact with the current advisory board
> >>members, of which there are quite a few sponsorship prospects. I can
> >>approach some people in Sun once the sponsorship brochure is finalized.
> > 
> >  OK, I will email the people in the board (some advise about who exactly
> > in the board?) before approaching more advisory members. 
> Myself, Jeff Waugh, Anne Oestergaard (all on this list), Jonathan 
> Blandford, Vincent Untz, Federico Mena Quintero and Luis Villa (not on 
> this list, as far as I know).

 Thanks Dave.

 Since Glynn will help with SUN and I have already emailed Jonathan
Blandford from Red Hat, I _only_ need to get in contact with the right
person in rest of the advisory board members: Novell, Imendio, OpenHand,
IBM, Nokia, Fluendo and HP.

 Do you (or Jeff or Anne) known the right person in some of these
companies to talk about GUADEC sponsorship? Thank you again


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