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I suppose I would be looking for something fairly obvious like "to submit an abstract for the conference, register for the site, choose "Publish" in the options in the right hand side menu, and from the options proposed, choose "Submit a paper", and fill out the page that follows".

Figuring out that "Publish" was the right place to go was the confusing bit for me. I went to the call for papers page, and kind of said "where now?" I was expecting a link in the CfP page itself.

The form itself, once you get to the page, is pretty understandable.


Quim Gil wrote:

En/na David Neary ha escrit:

I like "Call for participation" better, and "Submit presentation
abstract" for the page title.

Changed. What other improvements you suggest?

Dave, yesterday you say it is difficukt to fill that form. My main
suspicion is that you (like Glynn that day) get confused by the extra
fields you see for the fact of being an editor. But suggest any
improvement to make that form usable and easy to use.

I have opened a thread in the forum, maybe some other users are having
problems as well.

Improving the Call for Papers form

David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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