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On 2 Feb 2006, at 00:27, Quim Gil wrote:

See and suggest improvements.

The personal details will be filled in the user profile. What fields do you want in it? Think also in fields useful for registration (oh, did I

First off, the page is titled "Submit Paper", but there's actually nothing about submitting papers here at all... all it asks you about is the session you'd like to run. Is the public web page you mention actually the "paper", or do I still need to submit an actual paper that will be printed in proceedings? If so, what's the format/ template, suggested length etc.?

Think I'd at least want a description of the three track names somewhere on the page (preferably a short one in the dropdown itself, maybe more elsewhere if needed)-- they're not the most self- explanatory names in the world.

"Protagonist" is a pretty unusual term, I think "Target Audience" would be clearer.

Also, I assume the fields marked "*" are mandatory, but it doesn't actually say that anywhere :)


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