Re: Schedule commentary

> I think many people are determined to avoid 200-person planning
> sessions this time ;-) 

I actually think that one was of the most useful things about GUADEC
last year...the GNOME 2.0 timeline and the interoperability sessions. By
having these sessions, it gives everyone a chance to be there and make
their views....200 heads are better than 1 sometimes ;)

It should also be said, that GUADEC [well for me anyway] is more about
people than talks....I'm not sure how we can lighten the amount of talks
and does seem like a very heavily packed schedule..

I have a few more comments to make, and it doesn't sound badly...these
are about the some of the talks scheduled...

I really like the sound of each of the keynotes...although I for one
would like to see Michael's components talk replaced with something like
Luis' bugzilla talk. This is not a reflection on the quality of
Michael's talks [he's usually ace]...but more of 'here look! we're
trying to get organized and use bugzilla full's what you
need to help you manage your project through bugzilla'. Reporting bugs
is not flashey...but that can change, right? :)

I counted 7 hours of mono talks and tutorials. While I'm really
interested to see how this project matures, I think perhaps it is too
much for an already packed schedule? [1]

I'm also not sure if 2 hours is really needed for a tutorial. I just
feel that people who are interested in a given technology are going to
research it anyway, so a tutorial should be an overview of the more
technical aspects....I'm sure others disagree with me here ;)

As Jeff mentioned, it's probably a good idea to get some sort of
schedule out as soon as that the people who are talking are
comfortable with talking for 2 hours if we do intend to go with that

I'm still unsure of the length of the day..I know when it gets to about
5pm I'm pooped and my attention span starts to dwindle...

Well, these are some of my thoughts...hope they don't prove to be too
unpopular ;)

			See ya,
				Glynn ;)

[1] This doesn't have anything to do with a email address...I
just feel that it's a GNOME conference and mono just seems to be
something that is going on in the background [in early development
phases] and not closely related to GNOME right now...maybe I am wrong to
think this

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