Schedule commentary

Hi all,

A bit of commentary on the proposed schedule. I've had some experience with
conference stuff, having helped organise 2001, whilst Glynn
kept coming up with good ideas, so he pestered me into mailing this. ;-)

  - 9am-8pm sounds too long; although there are 2 hour lunch breaks, having
    talks all the way through is pretty tiring. Having non-talk things from
    about 6pm worked for us. They were either dinners/drinks, or
    get-togethers of other kinds, but not sit-in-room-listening activities.

  - 10-15 minute breaks between talks let everyone chatter and wander for a
    bit, without making everything else late. That puts pressure on the talk

  - Keynotes are the same length as talks, which may not give enough time
    for discussion; 1 1/2 hours would be good.

  - Perhaps some shorter talks of 30 minutes could bring down the schedule
    times a bit; I'm sure some speakers would like that too. ;-)

  - Would a tutorials day be better than having them interspersed
    throughout? We found that the tutorials day was a great chance to either
    learn in the tutorials, or take part in crazy hacking outside the
    tutorials. Keeping them separate may help that.

  - There's a lack of brainstorming sessions for future directions in GNOME;
    last year these were scheduled, not random.

GUADEC is looking very exciting though, thanks for all of your work!

- Jeff, with fingerpainting consultation c/o Glynn Foster

         "Spend your 'different points' wisely." - Havoc Pennington         

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