Re: [GUAD3C] Need some travel information

Hi Grex,

Thanks for such an elaborate information. It was indeed very helpful.

On Sat, 2002-03-09 at 17:51, Gregorio Robles wrote:
> Am Sam, 2002-03-09 um 10.01 schrieb Naba Kumar:
> > 1) How many days would it be appropriate to stay in Seville? 4, 5 or 6
> > days? I believe, that would also include one-day-city-tour or something
> > like that. Also, how the people are booking up their days?
> [...]
> 	Hence, arriving Tuesday 2nd (evening) and leaving Monday 8th (morning)
> would be the minimal stay I recommend for somebody assisting not only to
> GUADEC, but having also time to enjoy Seville.

That would be cool. Now I would like to go forward with the booking for
the accommodation.

I believe, there are some people in this list who haven't yet got
accommodation. We would be looking for an apartment which will hold 4 to
8 people. So, interested person(s), please email me. We will
collectively figure out how to go for a booking. :-)


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