Need some travel information

Hi all,

Could someone give me some travel information to get to Seville.

1) How many days would it be appropriate to stay in Seville? 4, 5 or 6
days? I believe, that would also include one-day-city-tour or something
like that. Also, how the people are booking up their days?

I would like to get an approximate figure so that I don't get left
behind when everybody has left Seville or leave Seville while others
would be enjoying a tour. :)

2) What would be the approximate expenditure while staying in Seville
for that many days (excluding the flights)? Because, I wouldn't be able
to have more-than-sufficient buffer amount, I would like to have a rough
figure (approximate+).

3) How do I bring the money? :). I have a visa-electron debit card cum
ATM card issued by ICICI bank (they claim it to be internationally valid
and usable -- I want to test it). Are there any VISA-electron enabled
ATMs around and will it suffice the purpose?

Thanks in advance. I may come up with more questions later. ;-)


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