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	Hi, Naba

Am Sam, 2002-03-09 um 10.01 schrieb Naba Kumar:
> Hi all,
> Could someone give me some travel information to get to Seville.

	you have travel info in the guadec website:

> 1) How many days would it be appropriate to stay in Seville? 4, 5 or 6
> days? I believe, that would also include one-day-city-tour or something
> like that. Also, how the people are booking up their days?

	I've heard some ppl will stay in Seville from Sunday to Sunday, but I
don't know how many they are. I would recommend you to come on Tuesday
evening, so you have the whole Wednesday for havin a look at Seville's
beauty before the conferences (Thursday, Friday, Saturday). I'm sure
staying on Sunday in Seville will be much fun, as many will stay on
Sunday too and after the conference you'll know more ppl.

	Hence, arriving Tuesday 2nd (evening) and leaving Monday 8th (morning)
would be the minimal stay I recommend for somebody assisting not only to
GUADEC, but having also time to enjoy Seville.

> I would like to get an approximate figure so that I don't get left
> behind when everybody has left Seville or leave Seville while others
> would be enjoying a tour. :)
> 2) What would be the approximate expenditure while staying in Seville
> for that many days (excluding the flights)? Because, I wouldn't be able
> to have more-than-sufficient buffer amount, I would like to have a rough
> figure (approximate+).

	If you know about the BigMac index: a BigMac costs in Seville around 2
euro. :-). But if this says nothing to you, I'll give approx. Spanish

	Hotel/appartment rooms will cost from 15 euros/person onwards each

Other prices:
BigMac menu: 					around 5 euro
familiar PizzaHut pizza:			around 6-9 euro
dinner in a Pizzeria (salad, pasta, drink, dessert): 12-15 euro
Coca-cola (33cl)
	supermarket:				around 0.4 euro
	bar/cafeteria:				from 1 - 1.5 euro
coffee:						around 1 euro
beer in a bar (33 cl)				around 1 euro

All restaurants in Spain have to have by law a day menu (aka "Menú del
día") at lunch time. Hence, you'll find "menú del día" from 7 euros
onwards. Usually this "menú del día" is announced outside the
bar/restaurant and contains two dishes (in some places you may even
choose between several dishes), drink (wine/beer/refreshment), bread and
dessert. I recommend you to eat a "menú del día", because its firstly
cheap and secondly it is a nice way to get the Spanish eating culture

Taxi cabs are really cheap (they take up to 4 persons a time, so you
could share their cost): calculate 10 minutes -> 6 euro aprox.
(and Seville is not that big, so if you don't get into a traffic jam,
this will be the best way of transportation).

The organization is arranging a catering service for breakfast and lunch
during the 3 conference days. Approximate price: 9 euros/day. This has
to be confirmed, but it will give you an idea.

	(Note: 1 euro = 0.9 U.S.$)

	Another interesting thing is to know the Spanish right time for doing

	breakfast: 8:30 - 10:30
	lunch:  13:30 - 15:30
	dinner: 20:30 - 22:30
	going to bed: very, very late ;-)
	(this is Madrid schedule... i've heard Seville is even later, so maybe
you should add +30 min!)

	I mean with all this that you won't get a "menu del día" at 12 o'clock
;-), but sure at 2 o'clock (PM)
> 3) How do I bring the money? :). I have a visa-electron debit card cum
> ATM card issued by ICICI bank (they claim it to be internationally valid
> and usable -- I want to test it). Are there any VISA-electron enabled
> ATMs around and will it suffice the purpose?

	Hmmm... I think that will be no problem (maybe someone from Seville
should confirm this, as I am really from Madrid). Be careful with the
commission amount you'll have to pay each time you take money from the

> Thanks in advance. I may come up with more questions later. ;-)

	I hope to come then with more answers ;-).


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