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If it's not too late I have some text changes. As it is it's fine, but I think we should 'jazz it up ' a little bit for more reader excitement.

The .svg file didn't render too well on my machine, I was hoping to do some changes directly to the image but below are my text edits.

(bold)The GNOME Users And Developers European Conference (GUADEC): The largest meeting of GNOME users, developers, foundation leaders, governments and businesses in the world, held annually in cities around Europe.

GUADEC 2010 will be hosted in The Hague, The Netherlands, from July 26 - 30. Now in its 11th year, GUADEC is one of the largest annual meetings of open source software developers, GNOME foundation leaders, individuals, governments and businesses from around the world. Speakers include leading names from the GNOME, UNIX, Linux and Open Source software communities.

These combine with many practical sessions and discussion groups which set the direction

On Fri, May 14, 2010 at 12:49 AM, Koen Martens <gmc sonologic nl> wrote:
Hi All,

Willem-Jan has been so kind to donate his evening to meet a deadline of friday
may 14th, to create an A4 ad to appear in various linux magazines across Europe.

It's a bit short notice, but just to be sure we didn't completely mess up here
are the files for your review:

There is no time for an extensive feedback round unfortunately, as the deadline
is really tight. We can make small changes perhaps in the first few ours of
the morning (CET) of friday, but if there's something that radically has to
be changed we better cancel this one and go for a later edition (which would
give us less exposure).

Ok, happy to hear from you! We're off to get some sleep :)



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