Re: About Gtranslator 2.0

2008/12/27 Leonardo F. Fontenelle <leonardof gnome org>:
> Em Seg, 2008-12-22 às 17:59 +0100, Pablo Sanxiao escreveu:
>> Hi all, [...]
>> Now gtranslator 2.0 is almost ready to be released. Next days I'm trying
>> to fix a couple of bugs and then make the release. I will keep you
>> up-to-date. We have to upload the new web page, I know, sorry for the
>> delay.
>> [...]
> The other suggestion I'd like to discuss in the mailing list is
> simplifying Gtranslator messages table to make the application need less
> screen area.
> AFAIK, the ID column is useful for two things: sorting by ID (which is
> default, but you can sort by the other columns as well) and the "Go to"
> feature. But does anyone need messages to be sorted by any order except
> for by ID? Honestly, I find that sorting by status is the most
> disturbing "feature" in poEdit, and I don't need messages to be sorted
> by alphabetical order because I can use the search dialog to find
> whatever I want. So, I believe we could simply hide the ID column and
> make the messages list always sorted by ID.
IMHO order by status can be very useful. If you're going to translate
a PO file that is translated to 90%, for instance, I think would be
very useful to have all the unstranslated messages at the beginning.

> Making that would impair us from using the "Go to" feature. But using
> the ID to go to a message translation is a little strange, because this
> ID number is not the line number in the message catalog or in the source
> code, and can change if the message catalog is updated with a new POT
> file. So, the "Go to" feature could be replaced by some bookmark system.
Bookmarks would be a very appreciate feature. We have to think how to
implement it but not for the 2.0 version.
I think we have to focus in making stable and free of bugs (if this is
really possible) ;-) the current features. The "Go to" can be useful
for now, if you remember the ID of the message :-/

> The status column could be less wide if it didn't have any column
> heading. The "Status" word, in most languages, is wider than the status
> icons. I not sure the meaning of the icons would be evident without the
> "status" heading, though.
Maybe if we could get another icons more descriptive we could remove
the "Status" word of the header, but with the current ones I think
it's necessary to keep "Status"

Pablo Sanxiao

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