Re: [Gtranslator-devel] gtranslator 0.5 screenshot

> Here is a screenshot showing how cute gtranslator is with gtk2
> Christophe

Looks very nice. As I see the tree has now more columns than original and
translated. Two columns was one feaure that I liked in gtranslator made
with gtk+-1.2. More columns I do not think are useful. Anyway I would like
to say that I like the look of upcoming gtranslator. 

Is the syntax stuff done too? Some day I posted to this list something
to use for start of syntax highlighting. Or maybe I should find some time.

Does it use gtk2 only (I.e. not using gnome2)? This is critical, because
on this my only one computer I am not the only one user and installing gnome2
means uninstalling gnome1.4. This may take a while.

Best Regards ...

      Peeter Vois

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