Re: [Gtranslator-devel] gtranslator 0.5 screenshot

> > 
> Looks very nice. As I see the tree has now more columns than original and
> translated. Two columns was one feaure that I liked in gtranslator made
> with gtk+-1.2. More columns I do not think are useful. Anyway I would like
> to say that I like the look of upcoming gtranslator. 

For your column issue, it's not hard at all to remove columns from the

> Is the syntax stuff done too? Some day I posted to this list something
> to use for start of syntax highlighting. Or maybe I should find some time.

The syntax stuff isn't done yet (I don't think I'll work on it soon,
first I'll try to get a working message editing I think).  Peeter, can
you forward me your mail about syntax highlighting ?
> Does it use gtk2 only (I.e. not using gnome2)? 

I'm not sure. There may be one or two calls to gnome2 functions but they
should be easy to remove (the only gnome2 function I may have used is a
function to concatenate a filename with the home dir of the user, that's
not difficult to replace :)

At home, I have ported the stuff to replace middots with spaces, but I
can't commit it from home since I don't have net access. 


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