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I would add however that the colour change may not work well with different themes when you provide a custom  css. (The pain with all those different themes ...  in case that matters )
Without knowing the context, will the suggested action approach not suffice since that is already provided by gtk/gtkmm  ( In Adwaita it changes a button to blue, i,e it uses the highlight colour, in Ubuntu (Yaru) it will be orange) etc. 

See here for details
It's in Vala, but  it is self explanatory how to do it in  C++/gtkmm, 

Who knows, it may provide a way to further your path.

I made a completely red night theme once with a custom css. In that case i didn't have worry about the theme colours already provided,.since I overrode pretty much everything. I used an approach very similar to what Mohit already provided, it works fine, BUT, t found providing custom css for small snippets often look bad in different themes. 
Of course, you can just discard all I say and say you only support Adwaita, or whatever theme you use,  but the reality is many distros  don't use adwaita.  If you are okay with that, then, no problem.  

Just thinking out loud as I am typing, perhaps one way to easily blend in with the current theme if there is someway to query the highlight colour ( never tried this), then use that as a guide. to colour you button, write the css in code, save it, load it as already discussed., then you can even connect it to the theme changed signal, so the button colour automatically updates to suit active theme colours when the theme changed signal is emitted.

btw. you can use Oonix theme designer too to style anythings as well an then export the CSS file to use with your project, that is,  in case you don't enjoy too much custom CSS writing I don't ans d you want it to look fancy )..

Bets if luck in your endeavours.

On Wed, 11 Mar 2020 at 05:44, Mohith Manoj via gtkmm-list <gtkmm-list gnome org> wrote:
Like Daniel mentioned, the background-image property overrides the background-color. It's probably because of this, the API to override the background color is deprecated.

Writing a simple custom CSS would solve your problem eternally. Also once you get to know it, it's not that difficult.

Now technically you can create a CSSProvider and load a custom CSS directly from a file (which is better since you can modify it without having to rebuild your executable) then add the provider to the style context of a particular widget. I would prefer to have it apply to the whole app because then all your widgets will have uniform appearance.

May be you have already found a permanent solution. This is what I would do, in case someone is still interested.

mian.c / root window

void CMainWindow::LoadTheme(const Glib::ustring &sPath)
   * Unit Name  :
   * Unit ID    : U-MainWindow.cpp-
   * Author     : mohith (25-Feb-2020, 3:20:06 pm)
   * Comments (if any)
    Glib::RefPtr <Gdk::Screen> refScreen = Gdk::Display::get_default()
    Glib::RefPtr <Gtk::CssProvider> refProvider = Gtk::CssProvider::create();

    //Remove existing provider
    if (m_refCurrentCustomStyleProvider)


      //Add new provider for screen

      m_refCurrentCustomStyleProvider = refProvider;
    } catch(Gtk::CssProviderError &e)
      IDU_CMN_ERROR_OUT << "Error loading custom styles. " << e.what() << std::endl;
    } catch(Glib::Error &e)
      IDU_CMN_ERROR_OUT << "Error loading custom styles. " << e.what() << std::endl;


  background-image: unset;
  background-color: @activatable-control-color-sensitive;

  background-color: @activatable-control-color-highlight;

  background-color: @activatable-control-color-insensitive;

@define-color activatable-control-color-sensitive white;
@define-color activatable-control-color-highlight #FF9900;
@define-color activatable-control-color-insensitive gray;

Call the CMainWindow::LoadTheme() with the path to your CSS file to load it up.


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