Re: ***UNCHECKED*** Meson and Autotools, or only Meson?

On Wed, 2020-03-25 at 18:49 +0100, Kjell Ahlstedt via gtkmm-list wrote:
These *mm packages can now be built either with Meson or with

libsigc++-2.0, libsigc++-3.0
glibmm-2.4, glibmm-2.66
pangomm-1.4, pangomm-2.44
(gtkmm-documentation-3,) gtkmm-documentation-4
I've put gtkmm-documentation-3 in parentheses because there is no
released tarball with Meson support, it's only in the git repo.

How about ninja dist?

Some underlying C packages, such as glib and gtk4, have dropped
Autotools support. Shall we do the same, where possible?

Make sure meson works in parallel with autotools and eventually drop
the support. 

I think at least one released tarball must contain both Meson support
and Autotools support before Autotools support can be dropped, or
else will have
problems. Correct me, if I'm wrong here.

At the moment all of the listed packages use Meson when they are
built with jhbuild, but only mm-common does so when it's built with


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