Re: Drawing a widget as a drag icon (without going down to C)

I mentioned my own experience, with unlimited respect for the GTK
software project. I love the GNOME and GTK project with its good and
bad. So please do not misunderstand me.

In the past, I had created an application with a gtkmm graphical user
interface, in which I painted on a white canvas, black dots.
I remember then (long time ago), I could not find how I would be able to
move those dots onto the canvas, without continuing to paint
continuously. Probably isn't responsible for that the gtkmm but me.
Then I had been very struggle with the gtkmm documentation.
Unfortunately I have never been unable to fully assimilate the "Drawing
Area". And then when I went to the Qt library, I did it very quickly.

This is my little story.

Nevertheless I never stopped working and I continue to propose the gtkmm
for graphical user interfaces.
I really like it a lot! The code, the freedom and openness and C language.

Thank you very much and sorry if I became tired.

On 6/23/19 11:11 PM, Daniel Boles via gtkmm-list wrote:
Well, calling into the underlying C is always an option until
gtkmm/glibmm supports what you want.

However, for someone using gtkmm, it's not a preferred one, nor is it
necessarily practical depending on what you're doing.

That said, I've never found anything bad enough to want to switch to Qt.
:-P So I'd be interested in what you were doing that required that, if
you feel like elaborating.

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