Re: Drawing a widget as a drag icon (without going down to C)

> I don't know why Widget::draw() is protected. Perhaps someone misunderstood it, and thought that it draws from the cairo context to the widget, instead of the other way.

Yeah, it doesn't seem like it's 'protecting' anything by not being usable publicly. Can the access specifier perhaps be changed in a future stable release, or is that too much?

> gtk_widget_draw() and Gtk::Widget::draw() don't exist in gtk4/gtkmm4.

Yeah, it's all snapshots and whatnot now. I haven't looked into that stuff much. I wonder if the equivalent pattern is already possible against GTK master without problems.

> An alternative, not necessarily better, but without C code:

Right, good point. Personally I'm not using inheritance in this case and would prefer not to, but that could work fine for other users who might have the same question later. Thanks!

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