Re: Fwd: Reprogramming keyboard keys

Maybe I didn't read your explanation with enough care. Now, when I read it again, it's obvious that you asked for a gtkmm/gdkmm wrapping of gdk_keymap_get_entries_for_keycode(). There is no such wrapping. gdk_keymap_get_for_display() is the only gdk_keymap_*() or gdk_keyval_*() function which is mapped in gtkmm/gdkmm: Gdk::Display::get_keymap().


Den 2016-10-30 kl. 21:10, skrev Glus Xof:
Hi Kjell,

Maybe I misexplained the problem... that it's not GdkEventKey.keyval related (and the #defined values in gdk/gdkkeysyms.h)...

In the last message, what I tried to ask for is the way to know the current keyboard (the physical one) configuration at the level of keys. More exactly, I need to know the value of each physical key will return.... and for that, I mentioned the gdk_keymap_* functions.

According the GDK reference:
gdk_keymap_get_entries_for_keycode (...)  Returns the keyvals bound to hardaware_keycode...

In fact, my question is if exists another alternative, closer to Gtkmm/Gdkmm or must use 
(almost, for the moment) this Gdk one.

2016-10-30 19:44 GMT+01:00 Kjell Ahlstedt <kjell ahlstedt bredband net>:

There is an alternative, but it's not closer to gdkmm.
The description of GdkEventKey.keyval at says: "See the gdk/gdkkeysyms.h header file for a complete list of GDK key codes." If you haven't downloaded the source of gtk+, you can look in the git repository:


Den 2016-10-30 kl. 17:05, skrev Glus Xof:
Hi guys,

Thanks to all of you, again... so now, I'm understanding better... but in fact to solve all the entire problem, It just rests to obtain the *current* keyvals attached to each physical key. For that, I don't know if must to use the gdk_keymap_* functions (i.e. gdk_keymap_get_entries_for_keycode()...) or there is an alternative closer to Gdkmm.


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