Re: Fwd: Reprogramming keyboard keys

Hi guys,

Thanks to all of you, again... so now, I'm understanding better... but in fact to solve all the entire problem, It just rests to obtain the *current* keyvals attached to each physical key. For that, I don't know if must to use the gdk_keymap_* functions (i.e. gdk_keymap_get_entries_for_keycode()...) or there is an alternative closer to Gdkmm.


2016-10-30 13:17 GMT+01:00 Kjell Ahlstedt <kjell ahlstedt bredband net>:

There is an alternative:

entry.signal_key_press_event().connect(sigc::mem_fun (*this, &MainWindow::get_key_info), false);

i.e. after==false in the call to Glib::SignalProxy::connect().

Have you seen what's said about keyboard events in the gtkmm tutorial?


Den 2016-10-30 kl. 10:46, skrev Glus Xof:
Thanks Phil, that's it !


2016-10-30 1:20 GMT+02:00 Phil Wolff <adiabat centurylink net>:
Try this modification of your example:

On 10/29/2016 02:46 PM, Glus Xof wrote:
Hi Ian,

Thanks again but... I honestly don't see how to solve my problem...

What I really need is to catch the value when a key is pressed... not merely to know when the *entry* value has changed: What can I do from that ?...and How to know which value has changed ?. You see what I mean ?

Please, take this piece of code, and you'd verify that the handler "get_key_info" is not called when a key is pressed. And the question is... How to force it ?



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