Re: Fwd: Reprogramming keyboard keys

Thanks Phil, that's it !


2016-10-30 1:20 GMT+02:00 Phil Wolff <adiabat centurylink net>:
Try this modification of your example:

On 10/29/2016 02:46 PM, Glus Xof wrote:
Hi Ian,

Thanks again but... I honestly don't see how to solve my problem...

What I really need is to catch the value when a key is pressed... not merely to know when the *entry* value has changed: What can I do from that ?...and How to know which value has changed ?. You see what I mean ?

Please, take this piece of code, and you'd verify that the handler "get_key_info" is not called when a key is pressed. And the question is... How to force it ?



2016-10-29 20:37 GMT+02:00 Ian Martin <martin_id vodafone co nz <mailto:martin_id vodafone>>:

    Hi Glus,

    first of all, your Entry widget already responds to key presses
    (so long as you have called set_editable() ). When you push on the
    key with "a" on it, it puts an "a" in the widget.  So you don't
    need to add that functionality; it already exists.

    Second, you can always connect to the signal_changed() when the
    user inserts text, and do what you like with their input,
    including changing what is displayed, e.g. if they type "w",
    modify the text so a "J" is inserted in the textbuffer.  I'm
    really struggling with a use case that makes sense outside of
    capitalisation, but then I'm sure there is one, especially if the
    input is words.


    On 30/10/16 01:01, Glus Xof wrote:
    Hi Ian,

    Thanks a lot for your explanations, but... I don't see what al
    all you propose and how to apply it with Gtk::Entry widgets,
    while (almost to me...) they seems not to emit such key press
    signals, normally... even adding/setting a key press mask.

    In addition, I don't see how to (safely) change the value that
    will be set inside the entry widget.

    Some help ?


    2016-10-28 21:20 GMT+02:00 Ian Martin <martin_id vodafone co nz
    <mailto:martin_id vodafone>>:

        Hi Glus,

        You almost certainly don't want to change what code the key
        outputs; its far more likely you want to change what the
        program does in response to that key.  If you reprogram the
        key, then you confuse your users; they're expecting WASD to
        output those letters, even if the program uses that
        information at times to obtain a direction.  If you reprogram
        the key then when they try to input a word, unexpected things
        happen; at best, the keyboard becomes an exercise in

        By connecting the signal_key_press_event
        you can handle the input however you like; if the program
        determines it's not applicable, the default is that the
        signal is passed up to the next handler.  If you wish to
        block all responses to keyboard input outside your own
        function, simply return true (You'll possibly also have to
        block the key_release_event ).


        On 28/10/16 22:00, Glus Xof wrote:
        Hi Ian,

        2016-10-28 4:31 GMT+02:00 Ian Martin
        <martin_id vodafone co nz <mailto:martin_id vodafone>>:

            You probably don't want to change the value that key

        That's exactly what I'm trying to do...

        ... I need a method, or some way, capable to fix, in the
        scope of the application, another values to a physical
        keyboard keys.
        ... I'm wonder if Gdk::Device::set_key () should be the
        suitable tool. If so, if I'm not wrong... could you link me
        the info about the macros index... the first parameter ?

            it's more likely you're trying to connect to a
            Gtk::Widget::signal_key_press_event(). That lets you do
            what you want with the signal when a user presses a key.

            Check the documentation- you have to enable a mask to
            use this signal.

        In my case is a very bad option...




            On 28/10/16 04:35, Glus Xof wrote:
            Hi guys,

            I'm looking for the way, in Gtk+, to reprogram the
            keyboard keys values...

            Maybe, should be possible from using: (I don't know)

            Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::Device> device_keyboard =

            (I don't know if I explained it so clearly...but I hope
            so though)


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